Seminar für Komparative Wirtschaftsforschung




Innovation Workshop

Der Innovation Workshop findet wöchentlich während des Semesters statt und bietet den Mitgliedern des Lehrstuhls sowie der Forschungsgruppen von Professor Fabian Waldinger (LMU) und Professor Dietmar Harhoff (MPI für Innovation und Wettbewerb) die Möglichkeit zum wissenschaftlichen Austausch. Anbei finden Sie die Programme der letzten beiden Semester. Bei Fragen können Sie sich gerne an wenden.

Sommersemester 2021:

July 12, 2021   Robin Mamrak Antitrust, Innovation, and the Case Against Xerox
July 5, 2021   Marie-Louise Arlt The role of public and private investment in building up EV charging infrastructure
June 28, 2021   Felix Montag Mergers, Foreign Entry, and Jobs: The Welfare Effects of Maytag – Whirlpool
June 21, 2021   Anna Gumpert Building Fiscal Capacity
June 14, 2021   Lucy Xiaolu Wang Is Grass Greener in the Gray Zone? Innovation in the Cannabis Market
May 17, 2021   Alessandra Allocca More than Joints: Complementarities in Marijuana Bundle Choices
May 10, 2021   Anna Ignatenko The Effect of Competition on Price Dispersion: Theory and Evidence from the Russian Food Embargo
May 3, 2021   Sebastian Hager Speaking of gender: Superiors' preferences and women's careers
April 26, 2021   Lukas Rosenberger Invention during the Industrial Revolution: Evidence from France
April 19, 2021   Klaus Keller Automation and Foreign Competition: Evidence from Portuguese Firms

 Wintersemester 2020/21:

February 8, 2021  Alina Sagimuldina  Commodity tax pass-through with incomplete information

February 1, 2021 


Kathrin Wernsdorf

Robin Mamrak

Downstream Demand and Upstream Innovation: Progress in the German Watch Industry

Import Restrictions and Product Quality: Evidence from Historical Chronometer Trials

January 25, 2021  


Vanja Milanovic

Marie-Louise Arlt

Should I stay or should I go? - Does internet affect utilization patterns in German health care?

Building Up a Competitive and Innovative Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

January 18, 2021  Felix Montag  Mergers in concentrated industries: Can entry prevent price hikes? Revisiting Whirlpool -- Maytag

January 11, 2021 


Agustin Faure


Maximilian Schader

Inequality and Sovereign Debt Default: Evidence from Argentina using Synthetic Control Method (SCM)

Learning by hosting: What platforms gain from third-party data

December 21, 2020   Dennis Byrski Fire & Mice: The Effect of Supply Shocks on Basic Science
December 14, 2020   Rainer Widmann Open-Border Policy and Knowledge Diffusion
December 7, 2020   Fabian Gaessler The Returns on Physical Capital in Science – Evidence from Lab Disasters
November 30, 2020   Vera-Maria Sommer Innovation, Customization, and International Trade
November 23, 2020   Felix Pöge Competition and Innovation: Breaking IG Farben
November 16, 2020   Volker Lindenthal Professional Networks and High-Skilled Emigration
October 19, 2020    Regina Seibel (University of Zurich) Killer Acquisitions and Beyond: Policy Effects on Innovation Strategies